Support to the Macedonian Civil Aviation Agency - SES Compliance Project

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The Macedonian Civil Aviation Agency intends to establish a SES compliant regulatory and organizational framework and to comply with Phase 1 of the ECAA agreement, additionally already transposed SES regulations, national regulatory requirements, SES II regulations even if they are not fully applicable now and prepare for future evolution of SES regulations, not only in respect of the transposition but also related to the oversight and supervision which MCAA is required to perform under the regulations.

The establishment and compliance of all prerequisites hereinafter referred to as Support to the Macedonian Civil Aviation Agency - SES Compliance project will be performed in several steps and MCAA commissioned APAC with the assistance.

The major goals of the Support to the Macedonian Civil Aviation Agency - SES Compliance project are:

1    )Review of the current institutional arrangements in the Republic of Macedonia comparing the arrangements against European best practice and making recommendations for improvements where required. This includes the establishment of a regulatory baseline for this project and the future activities that should not be limited by what is already obligatory but should include what will become applicable if the Republic of Macedonia will become a full member of the European Union.


2)     Establishment of a State Safety Programme including the definition of the applicable regulative framework based on the objectives and implementation of a Safety Reporting System.


3)     Supervision and acceptance of EATMN system changes.


4)  Development of MCAA’s capacity to implement further SES legislation.


Besides that the following aspects will be taken into account during this project:

1)  Improvement of MCAA business procedures with regard to the SES requirements.


2)  Establishment/update of selected critical documentation in compliance with the SES requirements.


3)  Increase MCAA staff cognizance of SES regulations and their applicable requirements.


4)  Know-how transfer to MCAA.

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