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The total network of airports in Republic of North Macedonia is comprised of:

  • Two airports for international air traffic – airports “Skopje International Airport and “st. Paul the Apostle” – Ohrid
  • Five sport airports with grassy landing field: Skopje – Stenkovec, Kumanovo, Stip, Bitola and Prilep adequate for all types of sport aviation
  • Eight landing strips for Aerial work that are used mainly in agriculture and forestry.

Skopje International Airport

The runway at the Skopje Airport encompasses runway 2,450 m long and 45 m wide, system of taxiways and platform with 15 stands for all types of aircraft, starting from the general aviation up to B747 and AN 124.

The airport is 25km away from the city at 238m altitude and referent temperature of +29 degrees Celsius (in July). During the winter, particularly in February there is a haze.
One of the latest bigger reconstructions dates back from 1996 – 1997, when the entire lighting signalization for second category was installed, and with the other construction activities the airport is enabled for taking off, landing and maneuvering of all aircraft types.

Airport St. Paul the Apostle - Ohrid

The runway at the Ohrid Airport is 2,550m long and 45m wide, which has 13 stands for the aircraft of the general aviation to the TU 154 aircraft.

The airport is 9 km away from the city, on 708m altitude and referent temperature of +27,7C (in August).
The last reconstruction of the Ohrid Airport was performed in 2004, when new lightning system of first category with simple approaching lights were installed. The other features enable taking off, landing and maneuvering starting from the smallest aircraft category up to the referent type of aircraft – TU 154.

Airports operator

The operator of the airports in Macedonia open to international air traffic is TAV MACEDONIA, Ltd, which undertakes airports on 01 March 2010 from the previous operator PAES.
Contact information can be found at: www.airports.com.mk and www.tavairports.com

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