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The Republic of North Macedonia airport network is comprised of:

  • Two aerodromes for international air traffic – airports:

– Skopje International Airport – Skopje;

– Paul the Apostle Airport – Ohrid

  • Five sport airports with runways field:

– Skopje – Stenkovec;

– Kumanovo;

– Stip;

– Bitola;

– Prilep

suitable for all types of sport aviation.

  • two landing strips for aerial work that are used mainly in agriculture and forestry:

– Logovardi (Bitola)

– Pesirovo (Sv. Nikole)

Skopje International Airport - Skopje

According to ICAO, the Skopje international airport has the reference code 4D.

The runway is 2,950 m long and 45 m wide, with taxiways and a platform with 6 stands (in front of the terminal building) and 16 stands on the remote platform. They are intended for all types of aircraft, starting from general aviation up to ICAO category E aircraft.

The airport is located 25km from the downtown, at 238m altitude and with referent temperature of +29C (in July).

During the winter months, especially in February, the appearance of reduced visibility due to haze and fog is frequent at the airport.

The ILS landing system is used for CAT I, although the precision approach lighting system is for CAT II.

St. Paul the Apostle Airport - Ohrid

According to ICAO, the Ohrid international airport has the reference code 4D

The runway at the Ohrid Airport is 2,548 long and 45m wide, with 8 stands for commercial aviation aircraft and 5 stands for general aviation aircraft.

The airport is 10 km from the downtown, at 700 altitude. The air referent temperature is +29C (in August).

The airport is equipped with precision approach lighting system for CAT I.

Airports operator

The airport operator in the Republic of North Macedonia that are open to international air traffic is TAV MACEDONIA, Ltd, which undertook the airports on 01 March 2010 from the previous operator JV “AIRPORTS OF MACEDONIA”.
Contact information can be found at:

www.airports.com.mk and www.tavairports.com

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