The main CAA regulatory functions are related to securing safe performance of the aviation industry and to safety in aviation in Republic of North Macedonia.

CAA has safety regulatory functions in all aviation areas that is flight operations, airworthiness of aircrafts, airports and air navigation related to:

  • issuing of certificates and licenses to the aviation industry entities for conducting some activity in the above mentioned aviation areas.
  • issuing of licenses, authorizations and ratings to the aviation personnel and authorizations to the training centers
  • issuing authorizations to medical institutions and doctors to conduct health checks to the aviation personnel
  • initial and continuing oversight to the aviation industry;
  • incident investigation in order to prevent future undergarment of aviation safety
  • enforcement measures

CAA has safety regulatory functions derives from ICAO Doc.9734 – Safety Oversight Manual and are part of the safety oversight system in Republic of Macedonia.


Working Arrangement CAA-EASA.pdf

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