Establishment of the CAA

The need for establishment of the CAA, as civil aviation authority in Republic of North Macedonia, derives from the ICAO Doc.9734 – Safety Oversight Manual.

The aim for establishment of the CAA, as civil aviation authority, is conducting the regulatory functions prescribed in the 8th Critical elements of a Safety Oversight System in one state as explain in the ICAO Doc.9734.

History of the CAA

Civil Aviation Authority in Republic of North Macedonia is founded in 1995 with the Law for Civil Aviation Directorate, as body within the Ministry of transport and communications. The Directorate was established for performing the regulatory functions in the aviation as well as air navigation service provision.

In 2001 the name of the Directorate was changed into Civil Aviation Administration, without any further changes with regard to its status or responsibilities.

With the new Aviation Act from 2006, Civil Aviation Administration is transformed into the Authority under the name Civil Aviation Agency.

Under the Aviation Act, CAA should have a status of an independent state body outside of the Ministry of transport and communications, directly responsible to the Government of Republic of North Macedonia and should not perform air navigation service provision.

The actual separation of the air navigation service provision from CAA happened in 2009 with establishment of the new ANS Provider M-NAV.

By amending the Aviation Law in May 2010, the Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of North Macedonia has been transformed from an independent administrative body under the governance of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia in an independent regulatory body with public authorities, directly responsible to the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The Civil Aviation Agency in their work during making decisions within their authorizations is entirely political, financial and functional independent of other state authority, other public legal person or company which carries on business in the field of aviation and is impartial.

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