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High risk activities are those which pose a high risk in particular to third parties on the ground. Each activity will need to be assessed by the operator. If they believe the activity will pose a high risk they must apply to the MKD CAA or their EASA member state Competent Authority for a High Risk Authorisation.

Each activity has to be assessed against the specific nature of the activity, the environment in which it is conducted and whether the activity poses a high risk in particular to third parties on the ground.

Note: Only COMMERCIAL SPO-operators require a High Risk Authorisation (HRA).

These is a list of high risk commercial specialised operations for which an authorisation is required:

  1. Helicopter external sling load operations (HESLO);
  2. Human external cargo operations (HEC);
  3. Operations where substances are released from the aircraft during the flight where these substances are either harmful or affect the maneuverability of the aircraft;
  4. Any commercial specialized operation above densely populated areas of cities and settlements or above groups of outdoor people performing under SERA minimum heights;

 Applying for High Risk Authorisation

A High Risk Authorisation can only be granted to declared SPO operators. The HRA application will need to be received a minimum of 60 days prior to the activity and must include the following:

  1. A description of the Operator’s Management System, including the organisational structure
    ii. A risk assessment for the planned operation
    iii. Standard Operating Procedures

Completion of OPS-FRM-024 High Risk Commercial Specialized Operations Application is mandatory.

Note: SPO.OP.230 and its AMCs and GM give detailed information on how to establish SOPs and risk assessments.

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