From 13-15.05.2024 the Macedonian Civil Aviation Agency is hosting a TAIEX Multi-Country Workshop on the functions of National Enforcement Bodies in implementation of air passenger rights. The aim of this workshop is to provide detailed knowledge of the functions and responsibilities of National Enforcement Bodies for air passenger rights.

                More than twenty participants from the countries of the region have the opportunity to get acquainted with the best practices for the interpretation and implementation of the EU Regulations, which refer to the rights of air passengers. Through familiarization with the Croatian experience in the application of this issue, presented by Mrs. Ana Kapetanović, Director General of the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency and an expert in the field of air passenger rights, the participants gain knowledge about the application of the decisions of the European Court of Justice, related to air passenger rights. Mr. Tomislav Tuntev, Director General of the Macedonian Civil Aviation Agency also addressed the participants and emphasized the importance of respecting the rights of air passengers.

This workshop is organized as a result of the successful cooperation between the Civil Aviation Agency and the European Commission and is financed through the TAIEX  instrument, intended to support the public administration for approximation, application and implementation of EU legislation.