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ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organisation

It is established as a specialized agency of the United Nations during the Chicago Conference on Civil Aviation held on 7 December 1944 in Chicago. The headquarters of this organization is in Montreal, Canada, and its responsibility is to provide, in cooperation with its contracting states, safe, secure, regular and efficient development, based on the principle of equality of all subjects, participants in the air traffic. At present it is comprised of 190 countries. The Republic of Macedonia became a member of this organization on 09 January 1993 by accepting Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention) under the Constitutional Act of 1991. More information about the structure, operation and documents issued by this organization can be found on its web site: www.icao.org 

ЕCAC- European Civil Aviation Conference

It is established as an intergovernmental organization in 1955 in order to promote continuous development based in Paris, France, to promote the continuous development of safe, efficient and sustainable air traffic system in Europe. With its extensive work in the field of the civil aviation, with the pan-European membership and close links with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) enabling it to serve as the only European forum for resolving of all major issues in the aviation field. The Republic of Macedonia become a member of this organization on 03 July 1997. It comprised 44 countries, almost all of Europe and more information on the structure, activities and documents issued by this organization can be found on its web site: www.ecac-ceac.org  

EUROCONTROL - European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation

It is established in 1960, with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, in order to improve the cooperation in the field of air traffic control systems in Europe and increase the capacities of the established corridors in the upper air space. The primary goal of this Organization is to establish a bright, pan-european system for the air traffic organization and therefore it is vital instrument for achieving the highest standards in this area and leader of the continued development of the air navigation in Europe. It consists of 38 countries and the European Union. Macedonia became a member of this organization on 01 November 1998. More information about the structure, activities and documents issued by this organization can be found on its web site: www.eurocontrol.int

ЈАА - Joint Aviation Authorities

Associating working body of the European Conference of Civil Aviation (ECAC), based in Hopdorf, the Netherlands, started its activities in 1970 in order to promulgate, develop and implement a jointly harmonized procedures, requirements and standards in the field of the civil aviation safety. Civil Aviation Agency became a member of this body on the 03 December 2008 which ceased as such on 30 June 2009, but moved to the European Aviation Safety Agency (European Aviation Safety Agency-EASA). www.jaato.com 

EASA - European Union Aviation Safety Agency

Observer status

It is established in 2003, but achieved the entire functionality by assuming the functions of the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) in 2008. Based in Cologne, Germany it performs specific tasks in the field of aviation safety which actually are part of the key strategies of the European Union for establishing and maintaining high and uniform standards in Europe. The mission of this agency is to provide technical and professional assistance to the European Commission in drafting regulations for aviation safety in various areas and technical assistance for concluding mutual international agreements. The agency works in the field of air safety in terms of issuing aviation products’ certificate and organizations that participate in the design of aircraft and their maintenance in order to achieve the highest standards in airworthiness of the aircraft and environmental protection. Based on the multilateral treaty for establishing of the European Common Aviation Area which Macedonia signed in 2006, the Civil Aviation Agency has signed a Working Arrangement with the agency and provided an observer status. . It is comprised of aviation authorities of 31 countries and more details about its structure and operation can be found on its web site: www.easa.europa.eu

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