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The Management Board appointed Dragi Stojanoski as CAA Director General

The Management Board of the Civil Aviation Agency enacted a decision to appoint Dragi Stojanoski, Head of Air Transport Division, as Director General.

Stojanoski was born in Skopje, 14 February 1980.

In his professional portfolio, Stojanoski notes significant experience in the aviation sector since 1998, after the completion of paraglider pilot training and later obtaining a glider pilot’s license. Stojanoski focused his continuing aviation education on obtaining an ultralight aircraft pilot’s license, which he upgraded It with instructor and examiner rating.

The first person of the highest regulatory civil aviation body in the country, also holds commercial pilot license for operating a multi engine aircraft under Instrument Flight Rules. (CPL(A) ME/IR-ATPL-FROZEN)

Stojanovski has been building his professional career at the Civil Aviation Agency since 2007, when he was assigned as aviation inspector at the Flight Operations Department. From 2011 to 2015, he held the position as Head of Aviation Safety and Security Division, which in August 2015 was transformed into the Flight Operations Safety and Air Navigation Division. On the position CAA Acting Director enacted by the decision of the CAA Management Board, he stepped down from the position as Head of Air Traffic Division.

On 3rd of July 2024, the CAA Management Board officially granted him a mandate to manage the Civil Aviation Agency for the next four years.

Alongside with the series of leadership positions of aviation personnel at CAA, Stojanoski from 2010 to 2019, as President appointed by the Parliament of the RM, also governed the CAA Management Board. In 2011, he was appointed National Coordinator for standardization and cooperation with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Stojanoski built his professional education at several renowned European and world educational centres in the field of aviation.

In that course, in 2021 in the Singapore Aviation Academy, one of the world’s most prestigious educational centres in the field of civil aviation, he obtained a Civil Aviation Management Diploma.

Stojanoski, is a husband and father of two minor children.

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