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Safe and efficient air services operation entirely iontegrated into the European transport net contributing to the sustainable development of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Regulation of the air transport activities of the Republic  of North Macedonia to ensure safe, regular, efficient, economically and ecologically sustainable national civil aviation that will be in accordance with the international standards and harmonized and integrated into the European Union, in the interest of all participating entities and particularly in the interest of the passenger safety.

The aviation is a system being mutually dependent on all participants at international as well as at national level, all bearing an international responsibility therefore. The following is expected by the Safety and Aviation Standards Department of the Agency:

  • establishment of the highest aviation safety standards increasing at the same time the level of aviation safety;
  • establishment of the highest aviation security standards to minimize any risk and to ensure citizens mobility;
  • achievement of regulatory efficiency and effectiveness by means of air transport continuous oversight and follow up and implementation of the international aviation standards and best practices;
  • achievement of set goals through development of human recourses that is through initial and continuous training of its employees;
  • introduction and implementation of the quality standards and the sustainability thereof;
  • improvement of regional cooperation and promotion of leadership within the region;
  • active participation in and cooperation with the international aviation organizations, such as ICAO, ECAC, EUROCONTROL, JAA and EASA, raising the reputation of the Republic of Macedonia on the international scene;
  • its participation into the harmonization of the national aviation legislation with the EU aviation, as well as cooperation with the European Agency of Aviation Safety and European Commission;
  • contribution to the sustainable economic and social development of the Republic of Macedonia;
  • contribution in respect of problem solving regarding the impact of the aviation on the environment;
  • determination of real possibilities and capabilities for adjustment to already started processes on regionalization and establishment of a functional airspace block (FSB) within our environment and building a strategy therein;

Emphasising the cooperation with the associations and clubs in the field of aviation, in the process of creation of development programmes regarding the aviation issues as a prerequisite and postulate to follow up and develop the aviation tradition of the Republic of North Macedonia, using the opportunities for submission of application for the EU pre–accession fund projects.

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