• You should always consult the Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) for instructions and applicable regulations. The regulation can be accessed on the website of ACV.
  • If you use a drone for commercial purposes or for your own needs, it should be recorded in the Aircraft Register maintained by the CAA for civil aviation and marked with a registration mark, for which the CAA issues a Record Certificate.
  • Read the users manual thoroughly before operating your drone.
  • Inspect your drone before each flight.
  • A drone cannot directly fly over or fly at a distance of less than 50 meters from people in an open or closed space.
  • A drone may not directly fly over or fly at a distance of less than 100 meters to objects of importance for security or the objects of state authorities.
  • In the zone of sports airports and airfields, drones are allowed to fly at a height of up to 1000 ft (300 meters) above the ground and within a radius of 1 km around the airport only with the approval of the airport/airfields operator and prior notification to Air Traffic Control for drones activities.
  • Within visual line of sight, a drone may operate at a maximum distance of 500 meters horizontally and 100 meters vertically from the surface of the earth.
  • Do not fly near commercial airport. Stay at least 8 km (5 miles) away
  • You must always report the flight of your drone to the CAA drone Application. Аnd remember that you are the remote pilot and are responsible for flying safely and avoiding collisions.

Operational safety directive for unmanned aircraft pilot licensing

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