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According to the national valid legal and by-law provisions that regulate the reporting of aviation events in Republic of North Macedonia, and according to positive international regulations, certain persons and authorized organizations are obliged to report aviation occurrences to the Civil Aviation Agency.

This page provides detailed explanations of who is required to report to the Civil Aviation Agency, what organizations needs to report and how to report.


All organizations and individuals for whom the Competent Authority is Macedonian Civil Aviation Agency, according to the Aviation Law 48/2020 and its implementing rules from the Regulation 67/2023.

  • Operators of aeroplanes or helicopters authorized to conduct commercial air transport,
  • Air Navigation Service providers,
  • Operators of certified aerodromes,
  • Ground handlers,
  • Operators of airfields, certified heliports, and certified water aerodromes,
  • Declared training organizations,
  • General Aviation.

According to article 4 (6) of EU 376/2014, the following natural persons shall report the occurrences through the system established by the organization which employs, contracts, or uses the services of the reporter or, failing that, through the system established by the State of the establishment of their organization.

  • the pilot in command, or, in cases where the pilot in command is unable to report the occurrence, any other crew member next in the chain of command of an aircraft,
  • a person engaged in designing, manufacturing, continuous airworthiness monitoring, maintaining, or modifying an aircraft, or any equipment or part thereof,
  • a person who signs an airworthiness review certificate, or a release to service in respect of an aircraft or any equipment or part thereof, under the oversight of a state authority,
  • a person who performs a function that requires him or her to be authorized by a Member State as a staff member of an air traffic service provider entrusted with responsibilities related to air navigation services or as a flight information service officer,
  • a person who performs a function connected with the safety management of an airport,
  • a person who performs a function connected with the installation, modification, maintenance, repair, overhaul, flight-checking, or inspection of air navigation facilities,
  • a person who performs a function connected with the ground handling of aircraft, including fuelling, load sheet preparation, loading, de-icing, and towing at an airport.


According to Article 4 (1) of Regulation 67/2023, any occurrences which may represent a significant risk to aviation safety and that fall into the following categories shall be reported:

  • Occurrences related to the operation of the aircraft (detailed classification in ANNEX I of EU 2015/1018),
  • Occurrences related to technical conditions, maintenance, and repair of aircraft (detailed classification in ANNEX II of EU 2015/1018),
  • Occurrences related to air navigation services and facilities (detailed classification in ANNEX III of EU 2015/1018),
  • Occurrences related to aerodromes and ground services (detailed classification in ANNEX IV of EU 2015/1018),
  • Occurrences related to aircraft other than complex motor-powered aircraft, including sailplanes and lighter-than-air-air vehicles (detailed classification in ANNEX IV of EU 2015/1018).


Aviation organizations using software for occurrence reporting as part of its SMS, shall send reports to the Competent Authority electronically and directly through its system using software compatible with ECCAIRS and the ADREP taxonomy.

All mandatory fields as prescribed in Annex 1 of the Regulation (EU) No 376/2014 must be available.

Оccurrence reporting forms using ADREP taxonomy for MOR can be found through the CAA web site.

  1. Through, download the appropriate report for the incident in pdf format.
  2. The completed report is sent via e-mail to

Individuals shall send they reports through the web site of MK CAA using the Occurrence reporting form available in electronic form (General Aviation-Pilots).

If individuals wish to maintain their anonymity, they can send an anonymous e-mail to, trying to include as much information as necessary.


The following natural persons listed in Art. 4 (6) of Reg.376/2014 shall report occurrences within 72 hours of becoming aware of the occurrence, unless exceptional circumstances prevent this, to their organisations established in a State.

Following notification of an occurrence, each organisation established in a State which is certified or approved by the National Competent Authority shall report through his SMS – Occurrence reporting procedure to the Agency within 72 hours.

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