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CAA has regulatory competences related to the aviation incidents. Exercising of these regulatory functions includes: organization of the reporting and investigation of the incidents in all aviation areas, audit of the aviation industry regarding the established procedures and accidents and incidents reporting system analysis, recordings and reporting to the aviation industry and international incidents organisations, etc.

Purpose of the aviation occurrences reporting

The purpose of the aviation occurrence reporting is to improve safety by identifying all information related to the aviation safety occurrences, by their collection and analyzing allowing proactive and reactive identification of the safety risks in order to prevent unwanted possible consequences and improvement of safety measures. One of the basic functions and essential part of the Civil Aviation Agency is the aviation safety monitoring for which purpose the Agency has established a system for aviation occurrences reporting.

There are two ways to report an occurrence to the CAA:

Mandatory occurrence reporting
In accordance with the laws and bylaws regulating the aviation occurrence reporting in the RNM and in accordance with the positive international provisions, certain persons and authorized organizations are obliged to report aviation occurrences to the Civil Aviation Agency.

Voluntary occurrence reporting
The voluntary occurrence reporting allows anyone to report safety related occurrences, risks, or safety issues that are not required to be reported under the mandatory reporting system.

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