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In addition to the system for mandatory occurrence reporting, the CAA has established a system for voluntary occurrence reporting that are not required to be reported under the mandatory occurrence reporting system.

Who can report an occurrence:

The report can be made by any person directly or indirectly involved in aviation, for occurrences that they consider to be an immediate or potential hazard.

Occurrences that can be reported:

Operational malfunction, defect, error or other irregular circumstance that has or may affect the safety of the aircraft, its passengers or any other person. Occurrences that do not pose a risk but which, if not eliminated, may affect aviation safety may also be reported.

What should not be reported?

This system is not for complaints related to customer service, noise or complaints related to certain airlines, airports, etc.

Method of reporting

The reporting is done by filling in the online form or the pdf form which can be sent to the CAA by mail, fax or e-mail (Occurrence Reporting Contact).

Online Образец

 Pdf Образец

Data confidentiality

The data in the submitted reporting forms are confidential and are available only to persons employed in CAA who have access to the data of the reporter. All data are entered in the database and are confidential and are not submitted outside the CAA without prior consent of the reporter.

Handling data from reported events

Upon receipt of reported events, the CAA reviews the data to determine if there are any new safety hazards or recurring some that have been identified before. Appropriate measures are taken depending on the safety risks identified. The measures taken regarding safety and lessons learned are published in special reports on the CAA website, in order to improve aviation safety.

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