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ARC No.Flight Operations regulations Official GazeteEU Regulations to which the by-laws refers
2.1Regulation on entities, conditions and method of launching of anti-hail rocketsNo. 39/12
2.2Regulation on Rules of the AirNo. 26/18
No. 94/19
No. 203/19
No. 301/21
2.3Regulation on the manner and rules for flying with Hang-glidersNo.162/12
2.4Regulation on ParachutingNo.143/22
2.6Regulation on the rules for establishment of a list
of air carriers subject to an operating ban
32005R2111, 32018R1139
32006R0474, 32022R2295
2.9Regulation for conditions under which unmanned aircraft can fly into Macedonian AirspaceNo.187/17
2.9ARegulation on unmanned aircraft (Applicable from 01.01.2025)No. 115/24

32019R0945 (Chapters III, IV and the Annex)
2.11Regulation on specific requirements, manner and procedure for granting flight approvals to civil and state aircraft No. 264/21
2.13Regulation on manner and rules for flying with wings for free flyingNo.217/16
2.14Regulation on the manner and rules for flying with balloons No.134/08
2.15Regulation on the requirements and manner for organizing air showsNo.87/12
2.16Regulation on the manner and rules of modeling (Applicable until 01.01.2025)No.134/08
2.17Regulation on the specific requirements, menner and rules for organization of sport competitions as aviation- sport activityNo. 291/21
2.21Regulation on organization of working time,
flight time and duration of the rest time of flight
crew members
No. 291/21
2.22Regulation on procedure, rules and special requirements for inspection of the protection of passenger rights in aviation and special requirements to be met by a person to carry out inspectionNo.257/23
2.24Regulation on flight operationsNo.221/2332008R1008, 32018R1139, 32019R0002, 32020R0696, 32020R2114, 32020R2115

32012R0965, 32013R0800, 32014R0071, 32014R0083, 32014R0379, 32015R0140, 32015R0640, 32019R0133, 32015R1329, 32015R2338, 32016R1199, 32017R0363, 32018R0394, 32018R1042, 32020R0745, 32018R1975, 32019R1384, 32019R1387, 32020R1176, 32020R2036, 32021R1296, 32021R2237, 32022R2203, 32023R0203, 32023R0217, 32023R1020

32011R1332, 32016R0583

32014R0452, 32016R1158, 32023R0659
2.26Regulation on Procedure and Rules for Operation
of Ultralight Aircraft and Powered hang gliders
and paragliders
2.27Regulation on the manner, rules and special requirements of flight operations oversight and special requirements to be met by a person to carry out inspection regarding flight operationsNo. 64/21
2.28Regulation on the manner and procedure on
returning and forced landing of aircraft approaching
or flying through an area of restricted,conditionally restricted or dangerous zone
No. 08/12
2.29Regulation on manner and conditions on launching rockets and other flying objects for scientific, sports and other purposes that could endanger flight safety (Applicable until 01.01.2025)No.134/08
2.30Program for financial support to the domestic and foreign airlines, dedicated for development of the air transport in Republic of Macedonia, for the period 2023-2025No. 249/22
2.31Regulation for the method and criteria for granting financial support to domestic and foreign airlines and necessary documentation that need to be submitted by the users of that financial supportNo.249/22

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