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ARC No.Air navigation regulationsOfficial GazetteEU Regulations to which the by-laws refers
6.1Regulation on procedure, rules and special requirements for inspection and special requirements to be met by a person to carry out inspection of provision of air navigation servicesNo.91/19
6.2Regulation on method of provision of Air Navigation Services and special requirements in respect of required staff, equipment and other special requirements necessary for safe and regular workNo. 281/21
6.3Decision on commencing a procedure on establishing state shareholding company for performing the activity of Air Navigation Service ProviderNo. 133/08
6.4 Performance based navigation (PBN) implementation plan of RNM No. 41-1455/9 from 14.03.2023
6.5Decision on Level charge for Air Navigation ServicesNo. 194/19
6.5ADecision on exemption from paying the charge for Air Navigation Services No. 121/21
6.6Regulation on duration of uninterrupted working time, duration of shifts and day rest of air traffic controller and assistant air traffic controllerNo. 23/09
No. 94/14
6.7Regulation on procedures and minimum requirements for safe take off and landing of civil aircraftNo. 294/21
6.8Regulation on the organization and use of the airspaceNo. 281/21
6.9Regulation on rules and requirements in respect of systems interoperability, their components and related procedures for provision of air navigation services with the European ATM network

6.10Decision on establishing a Civil-Military CommitteeNo. 44-8773/1-17
No. 44-7426/1
No. 40-4099/1
No. 40-9250/1
No. 41-5004/1
6.11Regulation on form, content and procedure for issuing, renewal, extension and change of a Certificate of competency for provision of Air Navigation ServicesNo. 165/19
6.12Decision for Designation of Air Navigation Services ProvideNo.177/19
6.13 Regulations for the manner of placing, maintenance and protection of the technical resources, devices and equipment to provide of Air Navigation ServicesNo. 165/12

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