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ARC No.Aerodrome regulations Official GazetteEU Regulations to which the by-laws refers
5.2Regulation on special requirements for design and planning, construction and reconstruction of an airportNo. 143/09
No. 156/12
5.3Regulation on method for use, maintenance and control of an airport maneuvering areas, aprons, objects, installations, devices and equipmentNo.191/15
No. 172/16
No. 128/20
No. 261/20
5.4Regulation on procedure for marking of maneuvering areas, aprons and other areas of an airport or airfieldNo.151/07
No. 96/10
No. 148/12
5.5Regulation on requirements for installation, construction and marking of objects, installations and facilities within an aerodrome area (zone), including the air traffic control objects and facilities as well as the objects outside an aerodrome zone, which may affect to aviation safety and requirements and procedures for cultivation of the land within an aerodrome zone and lands in the vicinity thereofNo.130/07
5.6Regulation on format, contents and procedures for record keeping of an Aerodrome and Airfield Register and Evidence on Terrain (landing strips)No.151/07
5.7Regulation on airport ground handling services for aircraft, passengers, baggage, freight and mail and services for fuel and oil supply to aircraftNo.67/12
5.8Regulation on airport firefighting servicesNo.134/10
5.9Regulation on airport medical servicesNo.134/10
Regulation on aviation safety requirements in respect of use of terrain and procedure and requirements for airfield maintenance
5.11National Program for Aviation FacilitationNo.163/18
5.14Decision on level of the CAA part of the aerodrome infrastructure revenuesNo.154/09 (Valid until 01.03.2010)
5.15Decision on termination and giving in temporal possession of real estate – airfields from the Civil Aviation Agency to municipalitiesNo.139/08
5.16Decision on transformation of a Public Enterprise for Airport Services "Makedonija", into in Joint-Stock Company owned by the StateNo.35/08
Decision on Establishment of a National Aviation Facilitation Committee
5.20Regulation on format, contents, record-keeping and granting, renewal, revalidation, change and transfer of a certificate of compliance with requirements for safe use of an airport or airfieldNo.127/14
5.23Regulation on procedure, rules and special requirements for inspection of airports, airfield and terrains and provision of airport services and special requirements to be met by a person to carry out inspectionNo.163/13
5.24Decision on termination and giving in possession of real estateNo.23/08
5.26Decision on termination and giving in possession of real estate – concrete helicopter surface at the Alexander the Great Airport Skopje from the Civil Aviation Agency to the Ministry of DefenceNo.137/08
5.27Decision on termination and giving in possession of real estate – hanger in municipality Strumica from the Civil Aviation Agency to municipality StrumicaNo.137/08
5.28Regulation on rules for allocation of slotsNo.121/10
5.29Regulation on measures and procedures for facilitation of the civil aviationNo.50/11
No. 36/13
No. 26/16
No. 37/18
No. 236/21

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