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No.DocumentOfficial Gazette
4.1Regulation on specific requirements for design, construction and modifications of aircraft, engine, propeller and equipment, technical control of construction and development of technical and technological documentation, type certification, procedures and method for determination of aircraft airworthiness, as well as form, content, record and procedure for issuing, renewal, reissuing and modification of the production certificate, type certificate, airworthiness certificate, noise certificate and gas emissions certificate.No. 141/17
No. 75/18
No. 119/19
4.2Regulation on method and place of marking of the aircraft, registered in Republic of Macedonia with
aircraft nationality marks, registration marks and
other marks
No. 13/2015
No. 119/19
4.3Regulation on specific requirements and manufacturing and maintenance of parachutesNo. 153/13
No. 110/18
No. 119/19
4.4Regulation on maximum noise and gas emissions
allowed during take-off, flight and landing of aircraft
4.5Regulation on construction, airworthiness and maintenance of wings for free flyingNo. 217/16
No. 125/19
4.7Regulation on the form, content and the manner of keeping records in the aircraft registry, and data which should be sent to the Central Registry of the Republic of MacedoniaNo.20/11
4.8Regulation on the form, content, record keeping and the procedure for issuing and modification of the Certificate of RegistrationNo.24/11
No. 77/14
No. 119/19
Regulation on the manner of keeping data of the aircraft which are not under ICAO standards and amateur constructed aircraft
No. 47/12
No. 52/14
No. 119/19
Regulation on maintenance methodology and maintenance technical control of aircraft, aircraft engine, propeller and equipment, development of technical and technological documentation regarding the maintenance and special requirements in respect of required staff, equipment and other special requirements necessary for safe and regular operation, as well as form, content, record and procedure for issuing, renewal, reissuing and modification of the maintenance certificate
No. 139/17
No. 75/18
4.11Regulation on requirements and control of construction and procedures for determination of ultralight and powered hang gliders and paragliders airworthinessNo.159/07
No. 119/19
4.12Regulation on procedure, rules and special requirements for inspection and special requirements to be met by a person to carry out inspection regarding the aircraft, their, production, maintenance and airworthinessNo.15/19

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