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Address by Mr. Tomislav Tuntev, PhD, Director General of the Civil Aviation Agency

Joining the Civil Aviation Agency as its Director General represents a great honour and great pleasure for me, but, at the same time, an ultimate challenge for making my personal, professional and intellectual potential towards the development aspirations of the Macedonian civil aviation in its endeavors to become a respectable factor within the family of contemporary European and worldwide aviation partners.

I do believe that my longtime professional engagement in high levels of aviation industry, as well as my technical and scientific research in the field of aviation, in which a great part of my life has been committed to, provide serious grounds and sound basis for me to do my best with respect to the rising of the Macedonian aviation to the pedestal it deserves. Doing this an economically stable, intellectual and professional potential, operationally sustainable, internationally compatible, efficient and prosperous air transport would be ensured.

I do believe that, within the framework of my upcoming four-year term as its Director General, the Civil Aviation Agency will continue to be a main pillar of the contemporary integration processes which means an increased number of passengers and cargo volume at the Macedonian airports, increasing of overflights of aircraft within the Macedonian airspace, encouraging the spectrum of possibilities for travelling to the greater number of European and worldwide destinations, strengthening of the protection of passenger rights and higher level of aviation safety within the Macedonian airspace.

To put it another way, me and all the employees of the Civil Aviation Agency will remain dedicated and consistent to our vision and mission regarding the profiling and implementation of an integrated, safe, orderly, efficient and environmentally sustainable civil aviation available to all on equal terms.

Sincerely Yours,

Tomislav Tuntev, PhD

CAA Director General

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