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The Civil Aviation Agency executes SAFA inspections on third-country aircraft landing at the airports located in the Republic of North Macedonia.

SAFA inspection is performed in accordance with the Aviation Act, Regulation on procedure, rules and special requirements for inspection and special requirements to be met by a person to carry out inspection regarding the public air transport (“Official Gazette of RM”, No. 47/08; 155/10), as well as in accordance with the Working Agreement between EASA and the Civil Aviation Agency for executing SAFA inspection.

The Civil Aviation Agency signed such an Agreement for the first time on 14.12.2006. The new Agreement between the Civil Aviation Agency and EASA was signed on 06.11.2013. In accordance with the Agreement, the objective of the SAFA Programme is to establish a system covering analysis, making conclusions and enacting measures, which will provide a high level of safety in aviation and which, in certain situations, may result in serious consequences (measures such as prohibition of entry into the airspace for certain air carriers or for all air carriers from particular states).

– Working Arrangement between the European Aviation Safety Agency and the Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Macedonia on collection and exchange of information on the safety of aircraft using EU airports, airports of non-EU States that participate in the EU SAFA Programe and airports of the Republic of North Macedonia (6.11.2013)

Civil Aviation Agency inspectors authorized for executing SAFA inspections on third-country aircraft are:

Filip Sarevski – – National Ramp Coordinator

Kire Kolevski  –

Marina T. Buckovska –

Gjorgi Ivanov –

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