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CAA has regulatory responsabilities related to the safety and security of the flight operations and flying it self.

CAA regulatory functions in the area of Operations are: Certification of the aviation industry for different types of flight operations (Aviation Transport, Aerial Work, Aviation-Sports Activities), Continuing inspection of the certificated entities from the industry, Inspection of any type of flying etc.

  1. Air Operator Certificate (AOC)
  2. Specialized Operations (SPO)
  3. High Risk Commercial SPO
  4. Non Commercial Complex (NCC)

Application Forms / Обрасци за аплицирање

  1. OPS-FRM-001 AOC Application form
  2. OPS-FRM-001C Schedule of events form
  4. OPS-FRM-008 Minimum Equipment List Application Form
  5. OPS-FRM-008B Statement of Compliance with EASA-OPS Part CAT.IDE-A
  6. OPS-FRM-008C Statement of Compliance with EASA-OPS Part CAT.IDE-H
  7. OPS-FRM-007 Notice of proposed amendments to Operations Manual
  8. OPS-FRM-020 Aircraft Lease Agreement Approval Application
  9. OPS-FRM-011 Aerodrome and Area of Operations 
  10. OPS-FRM-028 Code Share Agreement Notification
  11. OPS-FRM-024 High Risk Commercial Specialized Operations Application
  12. OPS-FRM-009 Low Visibility Operations Application
  13. OPS-FRM-010 RVSM Application
  14. OPS-FRM-039 EFB Application
  15. OPS-FRM-013 FSTD user approval Application
  16. OPS-FRM-013A  Aircraft vs FSTD Configuration Difference List
  17. OPS-FRM-031 Demonstration flight Application
  18. OPS-FRM-012 HEMS Application
  19. OPS-FRM-014 HHO Application
  20. OPS-FRM-030 Air Show Application
  21. OPS-FRM-041 Cabin Crew Initial Safety Training Organization Application

Compliance Checklist & Statement / Листи за проверка и изјава за сообразност

  1. OPS-CHK-001CAT AOC Compliance Checklist and Statement – Annex IV Part CAT – Initial AOC only
  2. OPS-CHK-001ORO AOC Compliance Checklist and Statement -Annex III Part ORO – Initial AOC only
  3. OPS-CHCK-001 SPA AOC Compliance Checklist and Statement – Annex V Part SPA
  4. OPS- CHK-022 Compliance Checklist and Statement – SMS Manual
  5. OPS-CHK-022 Compliance Checklist and Statement -PART NCC
  6. OPS-CHK-022 Compliance Checklist and Statement -PART SPO
  7. OPS-CHK-007 OM Compliance Statement and Checklist
  8. OPS-CHK-16 – EASA FTL Regulations Compliance Table OM initial issue

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