The Director General of the Civil Aviation Agency, Ph.D Dejan Mojsoski, initialed an Open Sky Air Services Agreement between the Republic of Macedonia and the United States of America.

The Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Macedonia and the Government of the United States initialed the text of an open sky Air Services Agreement and signed a Memorandum of Consultations related to the implementation of the document between the two countries on reciprocal basis. The Air Services Agreement was initialed and the Memorandum of Consultations was signed by Ph.D. Dejan Mojsoski, the Director General of the Civil Aviation Agency and the authorized person by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and by Mr. Wendell Albright, Director of the Aviation Negotiations Office of the USA.

The initialing of the two documents which are extremely important for the strengthening of the good and friendly relations between the two countries provide for a legal framework for a liberalized air services regime and for the promotion of international air traffic.

The Air Services Agreement and the Memorandum of Consultations are aimed to provide the travelling public with a greater choice of possibilities in the selection of services and to encourage the air carriers of the two countries to create innovative and competitive prices for the air services with provision of the highest levels of safety and security.

The signatures to the Memorandum of Consultations, reaffirm the expectations of the two delegations for mutual and reciprocal implementation of the Agreement by the two authorities, i.e. for temporary application of the text.

The Agreement and the Memorandum provide for a free market competition, no restrictions in terms of the routes, number of air carriers, capacities, frequencies or types of aircraft operating to and from these overseas destinations.

The both documents provide for the air carriers to establish their tariffs in accordance with the market conditions and to perform their own ticketing, both for scheduled and for non-scheduled air services.

The Air Services Agreement as well as the Memorandum of Consultations provide vast opportunities for the air carriers to enter into various commercial arrangements which is an extremely favorable opportunity for cost-effective operations.

Air Services Agreement