A working meeting between Tomislav Tuntev, PhD, Director General of the Civil Aviation Agency and Mr. Raul Medina, Director General of the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority, was held at the premises of the Civil Aviation Agency in Skopje. The meeting was attended by some of the associates from the management teams of both agencies. The meeting took place in anticipation of two important upcoming events in the field of international aviation: the 57th regular session of the Provisional Council of EUROCONTROL in Brussels and the 41st regular session of the ICAO Assembly in Montreal.


At the meeting, opinions and views were exchanged on a number of important issues and activities in the field of international cooperation within the frames of aviation organizations and associations. Emphasis was placed on the need to increase the intensity of mutual cooperation and support between the member states of the European international aviation organizations, in conditions of health, military, energy and economic crisis on the European continent.


At the meeting, the possibilities for development of the bilateral cooperation in the field of safety, security, facilitation, oversight and regulation of the activities of the aviation industry entities were also discussed. The participants agreed on the conclusion that the relevant international aviation organizations should pay special attention and with specific projects support the development of aviation systems and regulations in countries aspiring to EU membership.