The Director General of the Civil Aviation Agency, Ph.D. Dejan Mojsoski, on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and Mr. Martin Loken,     the authorized negotiator of the Government of Canada initialled a bilateral Air Services Agreement between the Republic of Macedonia and Canada on 26.09.2013 in Montreal. The initialling of the said Agreement establishes a legal framework for promotion of international air services that would provide more possibilities for the travelling public, with the highest level of safety and security of air travel from any kinds of threats.

The substance of the Agreement is in line with the ICAO policies that promote global economic liberalization of air transport and its further development based on competition, with a liberal approach towards the freedoms of the air, market access, tariffs, frequencies and capacity.

During their meeting,  Ph.D. Mojsoski and Mr. Loken reaffirmed the good diplomatic relations between the countries and pointed out that the initialling of the Agreement would contribute to the further development of the said relations, and would provide possibilities for investments in the economies, promotion of tourism and intercontinental connections that would advance the overall relations give positive momentum to the airlines’ operations and offer better opportunities for the travelling public. The initialling of the Air Transport Agreement took place in the margins of the 38-th Session of the ICAO Assembly as an exceptional event for the world aviation.