A working meeting involving experts representing the Civil Aviation Agency and M-NAV (ANSP), and experts of the STS team of the EGSD Directorate of EUROCONTROL was organized in Skopje on 26th of January, in order to review the execution in 2022 of the Support to States activities in North Macedonia and to define support work in the period 2023-25.

Upon the very beginning, Mr. Tomislav Tuntev, Director General of the Civil Aviation Agency, welcomed the representatives from EUROCONTROL stressing out the importance for our State, especially the regulator and the ANSP, of the continuous cooperation held in the frame of the Agency Support to States Programme. In recent years, important activities have been conducted under this project, resulting in an increasing CAA and M-NAV business capacity to implement SES requirements.

EUROCONTROL also presented a new 2023 corporate Catalogue of Agency Services and Products jointly produced by EGSD and the Network Manager Directorate, that should help national ATM stakeholders to more effectively formulate their STS support requests in line with the EUROCONTROL offer.

The Meeting decided to close three WPs (PBN, GAPPRE and ADQ/e-TOD) after reviewing the output of 2022 STS support and secondment work.

As part of the agenda, other support requests made by the CAA and M-NAV, being follow-up or new activities in 2023-25, have been discussed and formally consolidated in the updated JFS Annex to the Special Agreement with EUROCONTROL. This assistance in the forthcoming period will mainly focus on supporting the national implementation of EU Regulation 2017/373 and the preparation of M-NAV to be certified under these requirements in March 2024.