The air carriers in the Summer Season Time Table significantly increased the air operations frequencies

The Civil Aviation Agency set up the Summer Season Time Table that becomes effective as from 31 March and will be valid until 26 October 2013. Forty six (46) additional flights were listed in the destinations column, to which companies performing scheduled air traffic will operate in the forthcoming summer season, from the Macedonian capital to the attractive European destinations.

Namely, the Hungarian air carrier Wizz Air Hungary, in the forthcoming summer season, increased the number of operations with additional 24 flights in comparison with the last summer season, when he was operating only 5 times a week on the route London – Skopje – London and Venice – Skopje – Venice.
This season, Wizz Air Hungary has increased the number of destinations, operating from the Macedonian airports to Basel, Eindhoven, Dortmund, Bergamo, Malmö, Stockholm and Memmingen.

This Summer Season the air carrier Helvetic Airways has joined with even 6 more flights, and will continue to operate on the routes Zurich – Skopje – Zurich and Zurich – Ohrid – Zurich.
This year, the company has decided instead of operating only in Sunday, to fly to Skopje every day of the week. In respect of Ohrid, the company remains to operate one day per week, only on Sunday.

Four times more, or practically two times every day, this year the Turkish air carrier Turkish Airlines will operate to Istanbul
The number of flights is increased for Fly Dubai, and instead of operating  only on Monday and Thursday, this season it will enable to the travelling public routes from Skopje to Dubai on Friday and Sunday.
In comparison with the last year JAT Airways will, enable to the travailing public 3 more flights on the routes, Belgrade-Skopje-Belgrade and Belgrade-Ohrid-Belgrade.
Increasing the number of operations with one more flight in comparison with the last season, the Pegasus Airlines this year has decided instead of operating from Skopje to Izmir, to operate from Istanbul – Skopje -Istanbul, on Thursday and Sunday.

         Instead of once per day, this season the company Tui Airlines Belgium, in Tuesday will operate twice per day on the route Brussels – Skopje – Brussels. The number of company’s air transport operations remains the same, once per day on Sunday, from Brussels to the Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle Airport.
This season Austrian Airlines will operate from Vienna to Skopje 12 times instead of 11 times as it was operating last year. To be more precise it will operate with two flights per day, instead of one as it was the practice last summer.
This Summer Season, the BH Airlines will participate in the scheduled air traffic with 4 flights per week, from Sarajevo to Skopje, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. 

The companies Belair Airlines and Air Berlin remain with the same number of flights as last season.

Increasing of the number of air operations frequencies in the forthcoming summer season, and placing the Macedonia on the map of attractive destinations which will operated to several European cities with cheap airline tickets, clearly shows that the Macedonian aviation is moving in the right direction, making the air transport available to all categories of people, in the spirit of world trends, assessed CAA Director General, Dejan Mojsoski Ph. D.
The Civil Aviation Agency, trough a series of international agreements and Memoranda for cooperation with the European aviation institutions, according to Mr. Mojsoski, lay down the foundations for opening of the Macedonian sky for transportation of passengers to and from the Macedonian airports to dozens of Europe and worldwide destinations.