The Director General of the Civil Aviation Agency Mr.Tomislav Tuntev, PhD and the Minister of Interior Mr.Oliver Spasovski signed a Memorandum of Cooperation defining the clearly set objectives of both institutions directed towards undertaking activities for improving and raising the level of development and cooperation in the field of aviation safety in the country.

The signed document obliges both parties to ensure the highest aviation safety standards, to undertake measures for strengthening the regional and international cooperation through active participation in the international aviation organizations and to assure the implementation of relevant regulations and NATO and EUROCONTROL standards.

With the Memorandum of Cooperation, the Civil Aviation Agency and the Ministry of Interior reiterated the intention to ensure the harmonization of EU aviation legislation in the field of airspace and air traffic management and to make their expertise available to the Committee for Investigation of Accidents and Serious Incidents.

By signing the document, the Director General Tuntev and the Minister Spasovski once again clearly defined the strategic orientation of both institutions  for a common fight against terrorism  through exchange of information related to acts of unlawful interference in civil aviation and by participating in common working bodies for safety risk assessment in aviation related to terrorist attacks (threat, probability, vulnerability, evolution, measures).

The Memorandum entered into force on the day of its signature.