The Civil Aviation Agency is hosting the TAIEX expert mission for the transposition of the EU Regulations on unmanned aircraft systems into the national legislation from 3 to 7 October.

Considering the increasing use of unmanned aircraft systems for recreational and commercial purposes, it is essential to establish appropriate national rules and regulations in order to preserve the safety of the general public.

In that sense, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has developed and adopted a regulatory framework that lays the foundations for services provided with unmanned aircraft systems. In addition, the framework allows for the establishment of an airspace (U-Space) in which a large number of unmanned aircraft systems’ operations can take place simultaneously with those of aircraft.

Within the framework of this expert mission, the employees of the Civil Aviation Agency together with experts from Croatia are working on the transposition of these regulations into the national legislation, which will enable the operators of unmanned aircraft system to safely operate them on the territory of the entire country.

TAIEX is the technical assistance and information exchange instrument of the European Commission. This instrument serves to support public administrations in the approximation, application and enforcement of EU legislation, as well as in facilitating the sharing of EU best practices.