In accordance with the annual plans for exchange of experience and knowledge with the civil aviation authorities in the region, from 16-22 July 2019 a team of SAFA inspectors from the Civil Aviation Agency visited the airport in Tivat (LYTV), Montenegro.

In the course of seven days the CAA inspectors in cooperation with the Montenegrin colleagues carried out 32 inspections on various aircraft and helicopters in accordance with the SAFA requirements. At the same time a SAFA inspector from the CAA underwent training by a senior inspector from Montenegro.

Through exchange of experience and knowledge with the professional teams of the civil aviation authorities from the region, the CAA continues to demonstrate maximum dedication to the educational elements of the Macedonian aviation experts, to influence the strengthening of the safety level of third-country aircraft  operating at the airports in the Republic of North Macedonia, but also to raise the level of quality and timely execution of the safety regulatory functions at the Agency, in accordance with the international rules and practices.