On 27.05.2019 the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia made a Decision for appointment of members of the new Management Board of the Civil Aviation Agency. The four-year mandate of the recent members of the Management Board ended in April this year and the selection of new members was prolonged due to the completion of the selection process for presidential elections.

The Macedonian Assembly appointed Mr. Raim Bajrami as the President of the Management Board. He is a graduated Air Transport Engineer, employed at the CAA as an Advisor/Inspector for airport services. The professional portfolio of Bajrami consists of a working experience of seven years in the field of aviation and he has acquired many international certificates from prominent European aviation centers.

The Assembly entrusted the four-year mandate of the Members of the Management Board to Mr. Mishko Srbinovski, a graduated Lawyer, Advisor/Inspector for Security of Airports in the CAA, having a working experience of 20 years in the aviation sector and Vesna Dobrohotova, a Master of Legal Sciences/Field: Business Law, employed at the Air Navigation Service Provider (M-NAV) at the position Head of Department of Legal Affairs, having a working experience of 25 years in the field of aviation.

Today, at the first common session, which will also be attended by the Director General of the CAA Mr. Tomislav Tuntev, the recent Management Board will hand over the responsibilities to the colleagues, who will have the honor to be members of the highest management body of the Agency in the forthcoming four years.