Harmonization of the Macedonian legislation with the EU Regulations, as well as its implementation in the field of aviation safety, was the objective of the three-day training on “Apron Management”, realized within the EASA-IPA 5 Program.


In addition to the employees from the Civil Aviation Agency, the training was attended by representatives of the civil aviation authorities and the aviation industry from the country and the region.


Apron management is essential for the safety and efficiency of taxiing, servicing, fueling and equipment installation and storage. At the same time, regular optimization is necessary to adapt to the different needs while maintaining compliance with the regulatory requirements covered by Regulation (EU) 139/2014 and Regulation (EU) 2020/1234 of the Commission.


Furthermore, the training aims to provide support to its participants, by providing an overview of the apron-related provisions, both from the perspective of the national aviation authorities and the airport operator, focusing on the implementation of regulations and processing real-case scenarios.