Skopje, 18.05.2012


The General Director of the Civil Aviation Agency Dejan Mojsoski Ph. D and the Australian Ambassador in Belgrade, Dr. Helena Studdert, on 16 May 2012, at the Aleksandar Palas Hotel – Skopje, signed the Memorandum of Understanding, establishing the arrangements in the international air transport on code- share base and other commercial agreements between two countries.

– The Memorandum will help in the development of the cooperation between the two countries in tourism, economy and investments. This ceremonial signing is a small step, but the potential creating is huge, pointed out Ambassador Studdert.

The General Director of CAA explained that the Memorandum is in accordance with ICAO recommendations for liberalization of the air transport on global level. It creates possibilities for operation of unlimited number of air carriers in passenger transport between the two countries and opening ticketing offices.

– The air transport is meant to strengthen the tourism, as well as efficient, economic and safe connection between Macedonia and its diasporas i.e. with the homeland of our emigrates, stated Mojsoski. According to him, CAA takes activities for establishing a legal basis for entry of air carriers into the Macedonian aviation market in order to enhance the Macedonian interconnections.

– Next week we will initial the open sky Air Services Agreement with Singapore, and we are working on establishing scheduled air services with Dubai. We take all measures and activities for creating a legal basis to enable the air carriers who show interest to enter into our market, and pave the way for investments in the economic potential of the country, stated Mojsoski.

There are ongoing negotiations for air transport agreements between Macedonia and Egypt, India and China.

The ceremony of signature to the Memorandum raised exceptional interest by the Macedonia media.

 Memorandum of understanding_Macedonia Australia