Within the working visit of EUROCONTROL in Brussels, the Director General of the Civil Aviation Agency, Mr. Tomislav Tuntev, PhD initiated and held a meeting with some of the Macedonian citizens working at EUROCONTROL. Most of the permanently or temporary employed Macedonians in the specialized organization for management, control and safety of air navigation in Europe participated in the meeting.

The Director General Tuntev informed the present colleagues about the current activities and on-going projects of the CAA in cooperation with other business partners from the aviation industry and the future plans for promotion and popularization of aviation activities in the Republic of North Macedonia. All participants in the meeting expressed full willingness and unambiguous support of the promoted idea for establishing and developing a continuous mutual informal cooperation in several areas, which will enable to deepen the formal cooperation of the entities of our national air transport system with EUROCONTROL. This should contribute to a greater overall support and assistance in the realization of the envisaged and planned developmental projects related to Macedonian aviation, as well as for intensified and sustainable implementation of the international aviation standards and recommendations in the national global air transport system.