According to Eurostat, in the first half of this year, the percentage of Macedonian citizens travelling by airplane is increased by 19 percent, in comparison with the last year.


          This year Macedonian citizens were flying more than last year, using the benefits of visa-free travel, and cheaper flights, shows the latest Eurostat research. The European Union statistic Agency notes that the largest increase in the number of airplane passengers whose data are reviewed from the countries outside the European Union are from Macedonia.

          According to the Eurostat, for 19 % is increased the percentage of the Macedonian citizens travelling by airplane during the first half of this year, in comparison with the last year.

The lowest growth in the EU countries was noticed among the Swiss (6%).

          As regards to the EU Member States, the conclusion is that the crisis has reduced the use of air transport. Twelve countries in the first six months of 2012 showed decrease in the level of the passengers sitting in the airplane seat. It is especially noted among Slovaks (-14%) and Slovenians (-13%) and among our neighbours Greece (-9%) and Bulgarians (-1%). Croatians flew for 7% more than last year.

          In the race for plane tickets are first Lithuanians who flew for 23% than last year, as well as Estonians – 22%.

          Impact of the crisis, as was noted by Eurostat, can be seen if we look at the airports’ statistics. During 2012 an upward trend in 19 out of 30 major airports in Europe was noted. The highest growth among 30 airports was recorded in Vienna (10%), and on the opposite side were Greek and Spanish airports, noticing decrease in the beginning of 2012. The number of passengers at the Athens Airport was decreased by 11%, and 8% less passengers landed and took off from the Madrid airport. The number of passengers was increased by 5% at Paris “Charles de Gaulle”, Frankfurt 3% and 6% in Amsterdam. Seven percent increase in the number of passengers has been at the Berlin airport.

          The reduction of air transport of passengers in 2008, as indicated by Eurostat, showed the first signs of recovery during 2009 and 2010. The upstream trend at the EU level which was confirmed for 2011 recorded growth of 5.7% in comparison with 2010.