An online TAIEX Multi-beneficiary Workshop on aviation security culture, organized as a result of the cooperation of the European Commission and the Civil Aviation Agency of Republic of North Macedonia was held on 28th September 2021. The workshop is funded through TAIEX, an instrument for technical assistance and exchange of information of the European Commission. This instrument is designed to provide support to the public administration for approximation and implementation of the EU legislation, as well as for facilitating EU’s best practices.

The aim of the workshop was to provide advice and guidance on the practical implementation of aviation security culture. Its realization contributed to the exchange of best practice and guidance on developing effective aviation security culture within the Western Balkans and Turkey.

Greeting the attendees, the Director General of the Civil Aviation Agency, Mr.Tomislav Tuntev extended gratitude to the European Commission for their exceptional co-organization of this event, as well as for the support in sharing EU’s best practices in the field of aviation security. He emphasized that the Civil Aviation Agency’s priorities are investment in the training of aviation personnel and encouraging regional cooperation in the field of aviation.

Experienced experts from the International Civil Aviation Organization and the civil aviation authorities of France and Latvia were speakers at the workshop and they shared their knowledge and experience on several interesting topics. One of them was a presentation of the global initiatives related to the marking of 2021, designated as a Year of Security culture by ICAO. Furthermore, they shared best practices for developing an effective aviation security culture from the aspect of the national aviation authorities, as well as from the aspect of airports, air carriers and ANSPs in front of approximately fifty participants from the civil aviation authorities and the aviation industry of the region.