As a part of the regular meetings with all stakeholders in the national air transport system, the Director General of the Civil Aviation Agency, Mr.Tomislav Tuntev, Ph.D. held a meeting with the Director General of the Protection and Rescue Directorate, Mr.Adnan Dzaferoski.

At the meeting they highlighted their joint willingness for intensifying the mutual cooperation between the CAA and the PRD in the field of regulation of aviation activities.

Tuntev emphasized the dedication of the CAA for the processes of continuous increasing of the level of safety in air transport and improving the aviation in the country. In that regard they mutually established the need for joint cooperation for full implementation and consistent compliance with all national and international standards, recommendations and positive practices, especially in the field of firefighting with aircraft and their technical maintenance.

Dzaferoski highlighted the importance and role of the PRD in relation to the protection and rescue of the citizens from natural disasters, technical-technological, biological, chemical, nuclear, radiology hazards and other accidents caused by humans in order to provide conditions for survival and peaceful development of the community and preserving of the material goods and the environment. In that sense, they highlighted the need for creating optimal technical and operational conditions for enabling safe, orderly, secure and sustainable aerial services.