Republic of Macedonia is demonstrating excellent results in the flow and organization of the air traffic

Republic of Macedonia is demonstrating excellent results in the flow and organization of the air traffic, assessed EUROCONTROL Director General Mr. Frank Brenner in Skopje, who invited by the Director General of the Civil Aviation Agency Mojsoski Ph. D., conducted a three-day visit to the country.

During the meeting at the Civil Aviation Agency, Mr. Mojsoski and Mr. Brenner discussed regarding the further development of the aviation area, as well as the regulation for involvement into the common European sky, the growth of the air traffic and the future projects for improvement of the European system performances.

Working meeting in CAA

– We had an excellent meeting with the EUROCONTROL Director General, before which I have presented the general picture of the aviation in the Republic of Macedonia and laid down all the performances and commitments for implementation of the Single European Sky regulation package, as well as compiling of the single European market, said CAA Director General, Mr. Mojsoski.

Exchanging views over the current situation in the European civil aviation, two directors during the meeting agreed that the Republic of Macedonia has made ​​an outstanding and significant progress regarding the rise of the quality and capacity of the air transport. The steps which undertakes as a country, in the part of the liberalization of the air transport, led into the development of the air traffic in accordance with the European standards and international practices for global development of the civil aviation.

Director General-Mr. Mojsoski and
Director General-Mr. Brenner on meeting with macedonian journalists

– The performances which we have implemented during the past period, have placed us on the list of countries with the strongest growth of the aviation traffic in Europe, where last year the number of passengers was increased by 20%. We have also created quality conditions for operation of 30 airlines in the scheduled air traffic and for the first time in the Republic of Macedonia we have enabled entry of low cost carriers operating from the Macedonian capital to the prestigious European destinations. At the same time, we have signed ​​many memorandums and agreements for cooperation with several world countries that has paved the road for the opening of the Macedonian air traffic towards the world metropolis. We have also intensified the cooperation with the European aviation community and we have become an important partner in the European decision-making for European solutions, as we have shown by the Presidency of the Republic of Macedonia with the EUROCONTROL in 2011, stated the Director General of CAA, Mr. Mojsoski.

Congradulations from Mr. Brennerto Mr. Mojsoski

The priority as a state for us, added Mojsoski, despite the European synergy and integration into the single European market, is to fully stand behind the pan-European and global liberalization of the air transport, with a single purpose, throughout the air transport to generate into the Republic of Macedonia the economic growth and development, support of the tourism, attracting more foreign investment and finally to rise the worldwide reputation of the Republic of Macedonia.

Assessing with the highest mark the situation in the Macedonian aviation, EUROCONTROL Director General Mr. Brenner stated that in the last five years there was no delay in the airspace capacity and flow in Macedonia. “I would like to express my congratulations to the positive results since there are no incidents in the aviation safety and security”, said Brenner after the meeting with the Director General of the Civil Aviation Agency, Mr. Dejan Mojsoski.

Working meeting between Mr. Mojsoski,
Mr. Brenner and the managers from M-NAV


The fact that he is visiting Macedonia one month after taking the position, according to him, shows the importance of the Macedonian air space for EUROCONTROL.

Accompanied by the CAA Director General Mojsoski Ph.D., Mr. Brenner carried out meetings with the Head of Macedonian diplomacy Mr. Nikola Poposki, with the Minister of Transport and Communications Mr. Mile Janakieski,  and also held meetings with the managements of the Macedonian navigation and TAV Macedonia.

Republic of Macedonia became a member of EUROCONTROL (European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation) on 01 November 1998. The organization is established in 1960, with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, in order to improve the cooperation in the field of air traffic control systems in Europe and increase the capacities of the established corridors in the upper air space. The primary goal of this Organization is to establish a bright, pan-European system for the air traffic organization and therefore it is vital instrument for achieving the highest standards in this area and leader of the continued development of the air navigation in Europe. It consists of 39 countries and the European Union. In December 2012 Georgia signed the protocol for administration, but it still watithing for ratification, after which it will become 40th member of EUROCONTROL.