Continuing the long-standing tradition of mutual regional cooperation, last week in Zagreb and Ljubljana meetings were held with highest-level representatives of the civil aviation authorities. The delegation of the Civil Aviation Agency had working meetings with the colleagues from the

At the meetings they highlighted the need for deepening the mutual cooperation in the field of aviation among the regulatory bodies in the region.

The Macedonian aviation authority represented the projects for which the CAA is expecting assistance and support from the EU Member States in order to accomplish the envisaged objectives and development plans. In addition, they emphasized the mutual efforts for sharing the experiences and positive practices for achievement and fulfillment of the relevant international Standards and Recommended Practices in the field of aviation safety.

The participants in the meeting highlighted the importance of a joint regional representation and participation in the work of EUROCONTROL, ICAO, ECAC, EASA and the other international aviation organizations and associations.

At the meetings, among other issues, it was agreed to intensify the mutual cooperation of the experts and qualified persons at operational and technical level within the framework of the main activity of the civil aviation authorities.