The Civil Aviation Agency received funding for the implementation of the Twinning Light project “Support for participation of the Republic of North Macedonia in the European Common Aviation Area”. Twinning Light is an instrument of the European Union for exchange of expertise in the public sector between the EU Member States and Beneficiary Countries in order to achieve specific mandatory operational results.

The main objective of the project is to provide sustainable development of Macedonian civil aviation in accordance with the international standards and EU acquis in the field of aviation.

The project covers activities in the field of airworthiness, licencing, flight operations and aerodromes organized in three components:

– Harmonization of the national regulatory framework with ICAO and EU acquis

– Strengthening the operational capacity of the Civil Aviation Agency for implementation of EU acquis through development of working procedures and guidance materials

– Strengthening the technical capacity of the employees of the Civil Aviation Agency in accordance with ICAO and EU safety requirements

The implementation of the project is expected to start in November this year.