The airlines offer more flights in the Summer Season Time Table. The Macedonian citizens are expecting the news from the Civil Aviation Agency about air services to Brazil, Singapore, and Qatar…


Turkey, Italy and the United Arab Emirates are some of the destinations to be covered by charter flights from Skopje during the forthcoming summer season.

Corendon Airlines and Sky Airlines have announced inclusive tours charter flights from Skopje to Antalya and v.v. Corendon Airlines will operate from 3 June 2013 to 23 September 2013 every Monday, while in the time from 13 June 2013 until 19 September 2013 every Thursday.


Sky Airlines will operate on the same route from 9 June 2013 until 16 September 2013 on Mondays, and in the time from 12 June 2013 until 12 September 2013 on Thursdays.

The information issued by the Civil Aviation Agency show that the Macedonian citizens will have 46 additional flights for this summer season.

Airlines operating scheduled air services from Skopje to various attractive European destinations


The Hungarian low-cost carrier Wizz Air has announced additional 24 flights in respect of the previous Summer Season Time Table, when it operated only 5 flights a week on route London-Skopje-London and Venice-Skopje-Venice. Commencing in April, Wizz Air will operate flights to Basel, Eindhoven, Dortmund, Bergamo, Malmo, Memmingen and Stockholm.

The number of flights in the summer season was also increased by the Dubai low-cost carrier, Fly Dubai, which instead of operating only on Mondays and Thursdays, now will provide the Macedonian passengers with services also on Fridays and Sundays.

Helvetic Airlines has announced 6 more flights on its usual route Zurich –Skopje-Zurich and Zurich-Ohrid-Zurich. This summer season, this airline will operate to Skopje every day of the week, instead of the previous one weekly flight on Sundays. In regard to Ohrid, the airline will operate one flight per week, on Sundays. An increase of one flight per week has been announced by Pegasus Airlines, but instead of operating on route Skopje-Izmir, it will operate only on route Istanbul-Skopje-Istanbul from Monday to Sunday. Three flights more against the last year’s operations will be provided by the Serbian state airline JAT Airways for the routes Belgrade-Skopje-Belgrade and Belgrade-Ohrid-Belgrade.

Announcements for flights to Canada, Brazil, Singapore and Kuwait…


The Director General of the Civil Aviation Agency, Dejan Mojsoski, said in his interview that several low-cost carriers from Europe, America and Asia have been scanning the Macedonian sky. However, there are no announcements of official start of operations to more distant destinations.

The Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) announced in January that negotiations for  concluding air services agreements and opening the skies between Macedonia, Brazil, Kuwait, Singapore, Qatar, Finland, Estonia and Poland have commenced.

“Brazil is yet to become an attractive tourist destination for the Macedonians. If we consider the fact that in 2014 Brazil will host the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games in 2016, it will be a great challenge for us to establish air services to Brazil. It is early for me to say if these would be direct flight or perhaps connected to the Skopje-Dubai route”, says the Director General of the CAA, Mojsoski.

At the beginning of the summer 2012, the USA has opened the sky for flight to Macedonia. The Civil Aviation Agency has signed an Agreement with the USA, regulating the air services between the USA and Macedonia. However, we are still waiting for an airline to offer direct flights to one of the American airports.

“Soon we will start a more insistent campaign in terms of stimulating the airlines to establish scheduled air services between Macedonia and Canada. This year, we are also targeting the low-cost carriers. The introduction of these destinations is motivated by various aspects, like the development of tourism, connections  between the Diaspora and Macedonia, promotion of this country as a business destination, as well as support for the concessioner TAV that intends to make the Skopje Airport a regional center in the Balkans”, briefly explained Mojsoski.