The Civil Aviation Agency awarded with Quality Certificate

The Civil Aviation Agency was awarded with Certificate ISO 9001:2008, that according to the Genera Director Dejan Mojsoski Ph. D is a confirmation of longstanding commitment of the Agency to produce a modern European system of fast, efficient and safe air transport to all citizens.

– For us this Certificate, as a regulatory body striving to achieve quality and efficiency into the raising of the performance in the Macedonian aviation, means a lot. By increasing the communication between the management and the employees, the application of best practices from more developed countries, and harmonization of the domestic with European regulations, will increase the level of satisfaction of service users, but also will strengthen trust in our services, said Mojsoski today at the receiving of the certificate.

According to Mr. Dejan Lazarov from the TUV  Agency in Skopje that issued the certificate, this means building a good image of the Civil Aviation Agency, which will achieve a reliable, efficient and safe air traffic.

Director General, Mr Mojsoski announced that on the 25 of February 2013, the Agency begins negotiations for signing a Memorandum of cooperation with Saudi Arabia, and there are ongoing discussions with Malta, Canada and Brazil.