Within the established long-standing mutual regional cooperation, last week in Podgorica and Belgrade meetings were held between the representatives of the civil aviation authorities at the highest level. The delegation of our Civil Aviation Agency held working meetings with their colleagues from the Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro and the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia.

At the meetings they all highlighted the need to enhance the mutual cooperation in the field of aviation between the regulatory bodies in the region at all levels as well as to provide mutual assistance and support in achieving the planned goals and development plans. In addition, they emphasized the mutual efforts for achieving and meeting the relevant international standards and recommendations related to aviation safety, as a main prerequisite for establishing successful integrative processes in the global European air transport system.

The participants in the meetings drew special attention to the importance and the essential need of a common regional representation and participation in the work of EUROCONTROL, ICAO, ECAC, EASA and the other international aviation organizations and associations. At the meetings it was agreed to intensify the mutual fruitful cooperation at operational and technical level in the next period through exchange of experience, knowledge and positive practices of the experts and professionals in specific projects within the main activity of the civil aviation authorities.