The Director General of the Civil Aviation Agency, Mr. Tomislav Tuntev Ph.D., has met with the French Ambassador in Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia, Mr. Christian Thimonier.

At the said meeting, they discussed the initiative regarding the continuation and enhancing of the co-operation between the aeronautical authorities of the two countries, aimed at strengthening the staff potential of the Civil Aviation Agency by raising the level of training of employees, through the programmes of the French Civil Aviation University (ENAC). This could open an opportunity for the employees of the Civil Aviation Agency to upgrade their knowledge and competences through master’s studies at ENAC, to which learning of French language, as an additional facilitation for the preparation of the same would precede.

The French Ambassador, Mr. Thimonier, availed the opportunity and conveyed to the Director General, Mr. Tuntev, that a number of French companies are interested to enter the aviation market in the field of operational capacity improvement of the aviation industry’s entities. In particular, it would be done through the co-operation with the air navigation services provider, during the implementation of the activities regarding the Modernization of the ATM System Project by M–NAV.