The Director General of the Civil Aviation Agency, Mr. Tomislav Tuntev, Ph.D. had a working meeting with the Director General of TAV Macedonia Mr. Alper Ersoy.

At the meeting both interlocutors expressed full willingness to continue the fruitful and successful cooperation between the aviation regulator and the airport operator for the purpose of raising the level of transport safety within the national aviation transport system. Tuntev informed Ersoy about the latest developments and the progress of implementation of the procedure for adopting the amendments of the Aviation Act, which will ensure harmonization of the Macedonian aviation legislation with the latest international aviation Standards and Recommended Practices, a responsibility resulting form the Multilateral Agreement on the European Common Aviation Area and ICAO Chicago Convention.

Tuntev and Ersoy, among other issues, tackled the need for regulating and harmonizing certain specific issues and needs related to undertaking measures and activities for actions against unlawful interference at the airports, cooperation of the aviation segments and functional systems involved in the operation of air transport at the airports, joint efforts for providing requirements for continuous growth of the physical volume of transport services, as well as the necessity for fulfillment of all undertaken responsibilities towards the relevant international organizations and institutions in the field of aviation and transport.

Both interlocutors expressed their overt satisfaction from the positive views related to the recent signing of the agreement for the low-cost air carrier Wizz Air, which will enable additional increase of the number of carried passengers and aircraft operations at our both airports, but at the same time it will also widen the spectrum of possibilities for travelling at favorable and acceptable prices to a greater number of attractive European and worldwide destinations.

The Directors General of the Civil Aviation Agency and TAV Macedonia confirmed the mutual efforts for improving the cooperation between both institutions within the frames of the legally established competencies, which should enable modern, safe, secure, orderly and regular airport services. This is also related to the airlines, as direct users of the services of the airport operator as well as to the passengers, with due respect of their internationally guaranteed rights.