The Director General of the Civil Aviation Agency, Mr. Tomislav Tuntev, PhD and the Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr. Goran Sugareski signed a Memorandum of Cooperation between the Civil Aviation Agency and the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The Memorandum of Cooperation between both institutions envisages mutual support in investment activities and projects in the field of aviation, providing recommendations and guidelines for the implementation of international aviation standards and recommendations and their transposition in the national legislation.

Furthermore, the Memorandum provides for encouragement of developmental research projects through cooperation of expert and professional teams, support of activities for continuous training of aviation personnel, assistance in the education of the engineering-technical and other qualified personnel, coordinated and harmonized approach in front of all relevant international aviation organizations and associations. With the Memorandum both sides are obliged to a common cooperation for organization and participation in national and international events, workshops, symposia, seminars, fora, congresses and other events which will contribute to the development of aviation activities and promotion of aviation at the national level etc.

Tuntev and Sugareski assessed the signing of the Memorandum as an applicable framework for deepening the mutual cooperation and a sustainable basis for continuous improvement of the conditions for mutual support in realization of the common objectives. At the same time, the Memorandum of Cooperation will indicate further dedication by both institutions in preparation and submission of proposals for laws and by-laws within the area of responsibility of the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Civil Aviation Agency.