Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives us a great pleasure to present the issue of the Macedonian CAA Catalogue of Activities for the Years 2011 – 2014 as well as the video presentation which provides views towards our endeavors and achievements in approximating the Macedonian aviation system to the esteemed European and world-wide air transport.

The issue contains our activities, projects and visions aimed to further development of the Macedonian civil aviation in accordance with the international standards and harmonized with the high European Union criteria, Pan-European dimension and regional cooperation, particular in terms of safety, security, economic performances and environmental aspects, ball for the benefit of the stakeholders, aviation, tourism, economy and the travelling public in general.

We hope that you will enjoy this issue of the Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Macedonia review and we most certainly welcome any comments from your side.


Dejan Mojsoski, Ph.D.
DIRECTOR GENERAL of the Civil aviation Agency of the Republic of Macedonia