Skopje, 03.07.2012


By amending Article 12 of the Aviation Act the opportunity is given to fund CAA from the recourses collected from the concession charges paid by the airports’ concessionaire.

The Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia at its 35 session held on 20 June 2012 adopted the Law on Amendment of the Aviation Act.

Amendments to the Act are aimed towards closing of the remarks from the reports of the assessment missions of the European Union and the European Safety Aviation Agency – EASA and its improvement to overcome the existing problems and enabling the rapid development of aviation in the Republic of Macedonia.

Utmost importance for the Civil Aviation Agency has the amendment of the Article 12 of the Aviation Act by the given possibility to be financed from the recourses generated from the concession charges paid by the Macedonian airports’ concessionaire.

This amendment is applicable from 01 January 2013 and allows closing of the longstanding problem with financing opposing the Civil Aviation Agency.