In the spirit of the continuous successful cooperation that during the past years was existing between the aviation authorities in the region, today in Skopje (31.01.2018) a working meeting of Directors General of the civil aviation agencies of the Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Serbia and Montenegro, Goran Jandreoski, Mirjana Cizmarov and Dragan Djurovic was held.

The exchange of experience and knowledge that is of regional interest during the past period is resulting in a series of signed Memoranda of Cooperation, conceptualized through several spheres in the civil aviation.

The Heads of the regulatory bodies of the civil aviation, Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Serbia and Montenegro, on today`s meeting, once again confirmed the strategic benefits of the regional cooperation of the aviation authorities, in the reference to the safety and security of the aviation transport, but also in the field of the air passenger’s rights, as highest priorities for creating of European profiled air transport for the benefits of the aviation industry and traveling public.

Directors General pledged to heighten the future cooperation through their positive experiences for the process of complying with ICAO standards and other European regulations and criteria.

The regional meeting of the Director Generals of the regulatory bodies in Skopje once again confirmed the series of challenges and opportunities that the region is facing in the view of the civil aviation, but also highlighted the good will spirit and mutual interests, as a prerequisite for efficient fulfilment of the obligations that are arising their legally determined competencies.