On June 11th 2019 the CAA organized a workshop “Safety and security awareness for drone operation”. This workshop is a part of the activities of the CAA for safety promotion through raising the awareness towards continuous improvement of the national aviation system.

The CAA employees made presentations before the representatives of the aviation industry, providing them with the possibility for familiarization with the international regulation and national legislation for operating unmanned aircraft, as well as with the aspects related to aviation safety and the acts of unlawful interference impacting the operation of unmanned aircraft.

The discussion was enhanced by sharing knowledge and experiences related to announcing and safety preparation of operating unmanned aircraft by the representative of the Air Navigation Service Provider-M-NAV. At the workshop the Ministry of Interior presented a part of its activities related to this area, highlighting the importance of the limitations and security measures for unauthorized operation of unmanned aircraft.

The present representatives of the aviation industry had the opportunity to state their opinions and ask questions intended for clarification of the application of regulations and proper adherence to safety limitations for operation of unmanned aircraft.

The Civil Aviation Agency clearly expressed its support for developing opportunities for operation of unmanned aircraft for commercial and recreational purposes and also highlighted its responsibility for safe integration of operations of unmanned aircraft in the overall aviation system. At the workshop an initiative was introduced for organized and institutional operation of the owners and operators of unmanned aircraft and specific activities for its realization were proposed. In this way, the CAA confirmed its dedication to improving the communication between the regulator and industry, as well as for active inclusion of all stakeholders of the aviation system in the activities for raising the aviation safety level.