In the period from 10.09.2019 until 13.09.2019 the European Commission organized a TAIEX Expert Mission on Accident and Incident Investigation and Reporting in Civil Aviation at the premises of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Representatives from the Civil Aviation Agency, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Aircraft Accident and Serious Incident Investigation Committee, M-NAV and TAV Airports were a part of this expert mission with the purpose to provide advice and directions for harmonization of the national legislation with the relevant EU legislation in the field of occurrence reporting, investigation of accidents and incidents in civil aviation.

During the mission a full analysis of the existing Macedonian civil aviation system as well as the relevant changes to be applied was established. Special attention was paid to some of the changes planned to be introduced. Some of the mentioned novelties are as follows:

-To enable access to the Aircraft Accident and Serious Incident Investigation Committee in the ECCAIRS database which is being kept in the CAA and one National database with reported occurrences, incidents, serious incidents and accidents in the ECCAIRS system, which should be updated by experts in the CAA and the Committee.

-To connect the National database with the European Central Repositorium, which is subject to approval by the European Commission

-Introducing mandatory and voluntary occurrence reporting with unified reporting forms in accordance with the European Regulation 376/2014 with ADREP Taxonomy

-Initiative of the CAA to organize training of the aviation industry about the manner of occurrence reporting and using the reporting forms

The expert mission was held in a working and positive atmosphere including a continuous discussion and exchange of opinions. The expert who led the TAIEX mission also shared the Austrian practices and experiences in the field.